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Dear readers,

I do live in Leipzig, a city in Saxony, Germany. Well it is not only a reason to start this posting with such a title, as the current Neo-Nazis overrun the streets of Chemnitz.

Today's topic is the Zine. By its very nature, an amateur or semi-professional periodical publishing form. Mostly a few stapled pages under an evocative coverimage. Before I was born, Punk Zines emerges and flooded the streets and shelves with fuky little booklets. There were many more times in which an easy to massproduce pamphlet was needed and used, but this marked a point of mass awareness of beeing part of a movement by creating something on your own. A call and response feedback was created.

1970s Punk Zines
Good olde swedish King Gustav Adolph already knew how to rock the house. I mean spreading printed propaganda and news in europe. These pampflets were in wide distribution and also became a kind of collectible item. Again, printing technology have motivated people to reach out by prod…

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